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Happy Holidays

On behalf of our team, we would like to thank all of you who used Business Hangouts this year, ran Webinars, Live Events, Virtual Classrooms and Conferences.
We had an amazing year with new features added regularly and continuous technical support. And you responded favorably to everything we did by using Business Hangouts more often; the user base grew over the 1 million milestone during the year (over 1.5 million by now) and continues growing.
It’s time to wish very happy holidays, to each and everyone of you and your families!




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    Business Hangouts Now Lets You Charge Easily For Your Webinars

Business Hangouts Now Lets You Charge Easily For Your Webinars

Paid Webinars Are Now Easily Possible With Business Hangouts

It can’t be easier to setup. All you need is a Paypal account to collect your money.

When you setup your Business Hangouts, you just enter the email attached to your Paypal account, define the price (in USD or in any international currency you prefer) and the attendee will have to pay before completing the registration. That’s it!

There is no commission to Business Hangouts, just a direct payment from the attendee to your Paypal account.   As soon as Business Hangouts get confirmation of valid payment from Paypal to your account, it releases the registration information to the attendee by email. The feature is included in all plans PRO and above (PRO, BUSINESS & WEBCAST).

To read more detailed instructions about this new feature, check it out in the manual.

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    Google+ Events and Hangouts-on-Air Are Gone, Time To Go With Business Hangouts

Google+ Events and Hangouts-on-Air Are Gone, Time To Go With Business Hangouts

Google+ Events and Hangouts-on-Air Are Gone, Time To Go With Business Hangouts
With the recent changes to Google+, Google has removed quite a bit of features including these ones:

Google+ Events : They were heavily used by broadcasters to “host” their event and engage with the audience
List of contacts built by using circles have become useless
Hangouts on Air user interface/menu: You can’t start a Hangout on Air from Google+ any longer
And some more challenges running them from your brand page, etc.

But don’t worry. You can use Business Hangouts for all the above and a lot more.

Private Events for up to 1000s of attendees,
Make it a paying event and monetize your event or your replay videos
Collect your attendees emails, export them from BHO into your email marketing tool, or just send emails to the list from BHO
Embed the BHO event on your website or just use the event link as an independent app
Go beyond Google+ and allows users attend your meetings with just any email or with Facebook , LinkedIn or Twitter sign in
Self-registered Meetings (vs. invitation only) : Have your attendees register themselves.
E-mail centric (vs. G+ notifications): invitation emails, reminders, follow up emails are automatic and fully customizable.
Avoid the Google+ user interface: Control how much “social” your event is. (use the event link on any social network including G+)
Analytics: See who is watching live, who effectively attended, how much time they watched, who watched the replay …
The Unified chat: moderated chat, drag & drop files into the chat, highlight, broadcast for Q&A
Invite a viewer to the panel, on-the-fly, and make them participant, then return them to their seat if you want.
Share Interactive Content: Poll, Quiz, pre-recorded Videos, Call-to-Action,…

During the cyber week, the LITE PLAN is offered for […]

New Release Allows Signing In With Twitter And More

New Release Allows Signing In With Twitter And More…
You may have noticed some new features since a few days. All users direct requests:

With Twitter
In par with the sign-in abilities with a Facebook, Google or LinkedIn account, you can now allow your attendees to sign in with Twitter as well. Just like the other social network, the attendee’s Twitter account is linked to their avatars when they chat or are seen as a present attendee. To add a “sign in with Twitter” button to your next event, edit your event, under Advanced Settings / Customization tab / Event Page / check the Twitter box.
Sender’s Name in Emails
By default, all the emails to your attendees are sent by “Business Hangouts”.  We are talking about:

Event confirmation email with the link to the event
All Reminder emails
All follow-up emails
Or any other email such as on-demand emails, pre-registered attendees emails, etc.

Now you can customize the name of the sender (not the email), under ACCOUNT / PROFILE. All new emails are sent with your customized name.
Faster Analytics
Now the listings of your visitors loads faster when you generate the report under ANALYTICS.
Added Meeting ID and Permalink to CSV in Analytics
And inside the report, two new columns allow you to know for each visitor, in which room or event they entered.

New Training Serie

Good News!
Starting next Friday, we will be offering weekly free trainings on specific Business Hangouts subjects, during the “Friday Office Hours”, right before taking users’ questions.
For the next week, Friday October 2nd, we’ll be handling Advanced Settings while planning an Event:

Advanced Settings: E-mails
Advanced Settings: Customization
Advanced Settings: Manage

For the following weeks, stay tuned on the BUSINESS HANGOUTS Page for each week’s program.
Join us next week and learn a few more tips and tricks about BHO:

Fall Specials: Amazon Gift Cards Giveaw

Good News!
Fall Specials on All Annual Plans
Go Annual, Save $ AND receive an AMAZON Gift Card on top of your savings

Here’s Our Fall Specials valid until 9/30/2015 midnight:

Upgrade to a WEBCAST ANNUAL plan, save more than 8 months AND receive a $200 AMAZON gift card on top of your savings,
Upgrade to a BUSINESS ANNUAL plan, save more than 3 months AND receive a $60 AMAZON gift card on top of your savings,
Upgrade to a PRO ANNUAL plan, save more than 3 months AND receive a $40 AMAZON gift card on top of your savings,
Upgrade to a LITE ANNUAL plan, save 2 months AND receive a$30 AMAZON gift card on top of your savings.

This SPECIAL Time-Limited Offer is open to all existing Business Hangouts users, free or premium, with any type of Google account. It is valid until 9/30/2015 midnight US Eastern.


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