International Women’s Day!


International Women’s Day is a time to remember the trailblazers of the past and present, to honor their legacies and lessons learned from the powerful examples they set. It is also a time to reflect on the progress made, and to celebrate the acts of courage and determination by ordinary women – who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their countries, communities and the ORGANO™ Global Family! Join us today as we shine a light on 3 of the leading ladies who have helped pave the way to ORGANO™’s global success!

The Three Amigos & The Secret to Their Success: When it comes to the “Three Amigos” – Bernie Chua, Shane Morand, and Holton Buggs – these three men are known throughout the global Network Marketing industry as visionaries, leaders and legends. But what drives these three men to success? And, how have they been able to be so successful – for so long?  The answer to these questions is very clear, and you won’t have to look far.  In fact, more often than not, the answer is standing right beside each of these men – their wives – more commonly referred to as ORGANO™’s Three Amigas!

Let’s Meet The Inspiring Women – A Driving Force To ORGANO™’s Global Success: Meet Adeline Chua, Josie Morand, and Earlene Buggs – ORGANO™’s Three Amigas – who have proven that right next to every great man, is an equally – if not more impressive, women! These three women have had an enormous impact on, not only the success of their leading men personally – but on the success of ORGANO™ on a global basis.

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Adeline Chua: When ORGANO™ first opened its doors in 2008, Adeline was one of just 5 employees. “When I first told Adeline about the idea of ORGANO™, she could not have been more supportive, as she wanted my vision to become a reality” says Bernie Chua. In addition to raising five children, Adeline worked by Bernie’s side – all through the day and many late nights – doing anything (and everything) to help OG’s global growth. From taking orders, packing boxes, answering phones – whatever it took, Adeline did willingly, and she did it well! Whether you think of her as an intellectual businesswoman, a supportive mother and wife, or as one of the core pillars of ORGANO™, it’s hard to deny the contribution that Adeline has had on shaping the foundation of the company. To best sum up Adeline’s impact on the company – as her husband Bernie Chua will attest to – “I can honestly say that without Adeline – there would not be an ORGANO™ today.” To this day, Adeline is a fixture at OG’s Global Headquarters and worldwide events.

Josie Morand: “From the moment I met Josie, the biggest and most important dreams in her life have always revolved around helping people, particularly children,” recalls ORGANO™ Co-Founder and Global Master Distributor, Shane Morand. And, if you are looking to pinpoint exactly where Josie Morand has left her biggest mark on ORGANO™ – look no further than her tireless work with our OG Care Foundation. As one of the founding Board Members, Josie is the embodiment of a person who constantly puts others before herself. “Don’t look at how much money you can give,” says Josie. “But rather, how much time can you invest? It is not only money that changes the world – people can impact the world through many simple and heartfelt actions.”  Perhaps best put by her husband Shane, “It’s in Josie’s DNA, and that is why it’s so amazing to have her involved with the OG Cares Foundation – it’s a perfect match.”

Earlene Buggs: For all of the accolades and headlines her husband Holton Buggs receives, for helping turn ORGANO™ into a global Network Marketing powerhouse, Earlene deserves similar acclaim for the work she has done on behalf of ORGANO™’s growing group of female Distributors. One of the biggest events of the year – “Women Who Win” – was designed to empower, engage, and embolden our female Distributor base. “The impact Earlene has had on this company cannot be measured in dollars and cents. What she has been able to create and the impression she’s left on these women will last forever,” remarks Holton Buggs. Best put by Earlene herself …”Women Who Win isn’t about the pin levels or dollars earned. It’s a women centered event that’s all about giving back. And, I know that what we do here really impacts women from all walks of life.”

Today, we lift our cup in honor of the empowered female heroes of ORGANO™ – as well as the countless women around the world – who have sacrificed and strived to ensure that all people have an equal shot at pursuing their dreams. Whether serving in elected positions across the globe, leading groundbreaking civil rights movements, or venturing into unknown frontiers with their husbands – generations of women have long stirred new ideas and opened new doors, having a profound and positive impact on the world today! Let, not only these women, but the ORGANO™ Global Family of women inspire, empower and motivate you – one sip at a time!


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