Coffee & Tea Lovers


As a Global Family, ORGANO™ understands that the world is divided into many groups, ethnicities and races. Today, at OG we are focusing on two very distinct groups; those who drink tea and those who drink coffee – and the differences between the two! Some might say that tea drinkers like their variety, their range of flavors and soothing properties – while the coffee drinkers like their gourmet earthy blends and the round-the-clock boost of energy.  At ORGANO™ we believe it’s like comparing dark chocolate to milk chocolate – you can enjoy both – and still play favorites!

Are You A Loose Leaf or The Grounded Bean Type? Not only is there a difference in the flavor, and the feelings evoked from, coffee versus tea – it has been said that your choice to consume coffee over tea (or vice versa), can say a lot about the type of person you are.  Perhaps you are more of a loose leaf than the grounded bean type yourself? Here’s what type of person you are (allegedly) based on your preference of tea versus coffee, or your equal love for both!

-Tea drinkers take a break; coffee drinkers need a break.

-Tea drinkers are high-noon; coffee drinkers are morning, noon and night.

-Tea drinkers take it slow; coffee drinkers are always on the go.

-Tea drinkers are looking to kick back; coffee drinkers are looking for a kick.

-Tea drinkers know no time constraints; coffee drinkers may switch to de-caffeinated by 3 pm.

-Tea drinkers like to stew; coffee drinkers like to brew.

-Tea drinkers like a little flavor; coffee drinkers like it extra bold.

-Tea drinkers lie down to bed; coffee drinkers need it to get out.

-Tea drinkers do it just for the enjoyment; coffee drinkers do it with a purpose.

-Tea drinkers sip on a moment; coffee drinkers get to the bottom of the cup asap.

-Tea drinkers savor the day; coffee drinkers live it.

-Tea drinkers are romance and fantasy; coffee drinkers are passion and efficiency.

-Tea drinkers have a preference; coffee drinkers don’t discriminate.

-Tea drinkers spill the milk; coffee drinkers spill the beans.

-Tea drinkers are imaginative; coffee drinkers are productive.

-Tea drinkers comfort you when you’re sick; coffee drinkers comfort you when you’re tired.

Two For Tea and Two For Tea with ORGANO™: If you are more of the “loose leaf type” – meet two of ORGANO™’s newest Gourmet Tea Blends; Rodéo Chai and African Red – one with, and one without caffeine:

ORGANO™ Rodéo Chai (Gourmet Spiced Tea Blend); A perfect blend for your daily life.  Inspired by the beautiful people of India – you can now enjoy this authentic ORGANO™ blend of, India’s finest, robust gourmet chai in your cup.


ORGANO™ African Red (Rooibos Sweet Tea Blend); No caffeine? No problem. ORGANO™’s authentic Rooibos Red Tea “De-Caf” is bursting with a savory blend of sweet and nutty flavors, making this brew cup’s enticing aroma and taste truly one of a kind.

Do our hot drinks define us? Maybe. Maybe not. However, whether you are the type that needs coffee to get out of bed in the morning, or a piping hot cup of tea in the afternoon to relax (or perhaps you need both), ORGANO™ has something for every type (with or without caffeine) to be enjoyed morning, noon, and night! #TasteTheGold


50 Differences Between People Who Sip Tea And Those Who Chug Coffee



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