Top 50 Free Google Tools for Business

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De volgende dagen worden er vijftig video’s gepubliceerd hoe elk van deze Google-Tools werkt

Schrijf in op de nieuwsbrief en blijf als eerste op de hoogte.

Zodra dit is afgewerkt zal hetzelfde worden gedaan voor de andere Social-Media zoals Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest en Linkedin

Gepubliceerd op 27 feb. 2014

Google provides a variety of free products, tools and services for your business and personal use. These are the top 50 Google tools for Business. Get all 50 at…

Google Search Features

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Business Hangouts 5 minutes Training

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Happy Holidays

On behalf of our team, we would like to thank all of you who used Business Hangouts this year, ran Webinars, Live Events, Virtual Classrooms and Conferences.
We had an amazing year with new features added regularly and continuous technical support. And you responded favorably to everything we did by using Business Hangouts more often; the user base grew over the 1 million milestone during the year (over 1.5 million by now) and continues growing.
It’s time to wish very happy holidays, to each and everyone of you and your families!




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    Business Hangouts Now Lets You Charge Easily For Your Webinars

Business Hangouts Now Lets You Charge Easily For Your Webinars

Paid Webinars Are Now Easily Possible With Business Hangouts

It can’t be easier to setup. All you need is a Paypal account to collect your money.

When you setup your Business Hangouts, you just enter the email attached to your Paypal account, define the price (in USD or in any international currency you prefer) and the attendee will have to pay before completing the registration. That’s it!

There is no commission to Business Hangouts, just a direct payment from the attendee to your Paypal account.   As soon as Business Hangouts get confirmation of valid payment from Paypal to your account, it releases the registration information to the attendee by email. The feature is included in all plans PRO and above (PRO, BUSINESS & WEBCAST).

To read more detailed instructions about this new feature, check it out in the manual.

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