3 Types of People we are Looking For!


  • There are 3 types of people that may be interested in Organo Gold:

  • a customer,
  • someone who wants to get the product for free but not interested in earning income,
  • and the business person. Knowing this is critical to your OG healthy coffee business and MLM network.

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The Power of the DUAL TEAM!

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Dual Team

The Power of the DUAL TEAM!

The Dual Team is one of the most explosive part of the OrGano Gold compensation plan that helps new business builders and future OrGano Gold DIAMONDS earn income weekly.  The Dual Team Bonus is the 3rd way that OrGano Gold reps can earn income and the purpose of this post is to illustrate it’s power and simplicity.

Most often, new OrGano Gold distributors get confused when they are first introduced to the Dual Team concept, but it’s brilliance is in the simplicity and it’s important to note: the Dual Team structure was inserted into the OrGano Gold compensation plan on purpose and not by accident.

Before you should attempt to understand the power of the Dual Team, it is crucial that you fully understand the first 2 way that you can generate income with OrGano Gold.  The first way is with RETAIL profits.  Simply put, as an OrGano Gold Distributor, you purchase products at wholesale and then sell them retail to your customers. 100% of the profits you generate are yours to keep.  Simple right?  Of course! You earn RETAIL profits from all you customers just like any traditional coffee shop or gourmet coffee retailer.  You do not see any of them offering their customers DISCOUNTS on coffee or selling to their customers at wholesale because they are selling to their customers.  Re-read that last sentence a few times, think about it, then keep reading.

Next is the second way you can earn extra income which is the FAST START BONUS – The Fast Start Bonus is generated once you enroll a NEW distributor who wants to start a business for themselves to generate ongoing extra income.  Do not confuse a business builder with a customer.  Customers have ZERO interest in the business (at first) they just want to drink their OrGano Gold Healthy Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate and Mocha because it makes them feel good! However, when an individual wants to FEEL GOOD and MAKE MONEY, they would purchase what is called an OrGano Gold Product Pack.  When you sell this product pack a bonus check is now generated based on the pack you sold.  Bronze = $20.00  – Silver = $80.00 and finally the popular Gold Pack = $150.00  The second way is Simple right?  Of course!

The Power of the DUAL TEAM!

The dual team concept is very simple.  In order for an OrGano Gold Distributor to participate in one of the most dynamic parts of the entire compensation plan the distributor (YOU) MUST enroll 1 Distributor (not customer) on your RIGHT team and 1 Distributor (not customer) on your LEFT team.  All 3 of you must either purchase product during the calendar month or better yet, you can opt for an auto-renewal order so you have enough monthly product to consume, sample and retail every month. After all, this is your business, be smart enough to have some products to consume, sample and retail or you will never make it in the Dual Team structure.  If you have NOT met the above qualifications you are NOT qualified to participate in the Dual Team portion of the compensation and you may be missing out on some SERIOUS extra income.

Do You Have Your DUAL TEAM?

If you are just beginning your business with OrGano Gold –  Your first order of business after you have laid your foundation with some coffee drinking customers is to get your Dual Team ASAP!  Some do this in their first 48hrs, some will do it in their first 30 days but the faster you can get Dual Team qualified the better it is for you!.  The faster you can help your personally sponsored OrGano Gold distributors get dual team qualified the better it is for you!  Are you Dual Team Qualified? If you answer NO, get it done now!  Think about it… how hard can it be to go find 2 people or more anywhere in North America including every country that OrGano Gold is authorized to operate in, who drink coffee or tea, at least occasionally and want to earn some extra money? Although 1 personally sponsored on your RIGHT and LEFT team is the minimum there is no maximum amount of distributors you may continue to enroll into you dual team structure.  The bigger your team, the higher the rank you have achieved, the MORE POTENTIAL WEEKLY INCOME you can pull out of your Dual Team every week.  That’s RIGHT!  the Dual Team Bonuses are paid out weekly.

For a more detailed look at the various ranks you can achieve and their corresponding maximum dual team weekly payouts, take a look at the chart above and you will start to see that you can generate a substantial weekly dual team income.

NOTE: Dual Team bonuses are paid from ALL first time orders and ALL OrGano Gold Business packs that are generated on the weaker side of your personal Dual Team down to infinity.  Take a look at this link for Rank Qualifications. (scroll down)  The higher the RANK the higher the potential Dual Team weekly check.  Get dual Team qualified and help others get dual team qualified and watch what happens to your weekly income.