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 Is OG Your Hobby or Your Business?

Shane Morand


Aan: Theo Herbots Zaakvoerder Herbafit
Over the last few weeks OG Distributors have asked me to send out
some TIPS that would help and assist them to build their organizations
Over the next few weeks, I will be forwarding a few tips that will make a difference
in your OrGano Gold Enterprise…  This first TIP will help you to be even more
successful with OrGano Gold…
Once you have implemented the TIP pass it on and have your team DUPLICATE…

OrGano Gold Tip #1:

You have to make the decision that you will make your Healthier Coffee
enterprise a success!

This is the most important tip that I can give you.

Most people who get involved with OrGano Gold treat it as more of a hobby
than a true brick and mortar business and this is why most people fail or they
will not build as big and fast as they could.
If you forget the rest of the OrGano Gold Training tips that I am going to give
you, please remember this one then make a decision to take action!
Treat your OrGano Gold Healthier Coffee Enterprise as a hobby and
it will pay you like a hobby.  Hobbies COST You Money!

Treat your OrGano Gold Healthier Coffee Enterprise as a business and
it will pay you like a business. Business’ Make You Money!
You will know if you have a business or a hobby simply by how much
product you have on hand to consume, sample, retail for profit and wholesale
to your new start up OG distributors.  If you have a hobby you NEVER have
enough product to do any of the above.
You will know you have a business when you are ALWAYS prepared and have
easy access to product to consume, sample, retail for profit and wholesale

to your new start up OG distributors.
EXAMPLE – Retail:  With only 10 service-able customers  who only consume
say 3 cups of coffee per day, you will require $450.00 just to service these
10 customers.  This also represents a $450.00 monthly PROFIT!
We have not included your families monthly consumption, your monthly
samples and the wholesale product for your new distributors so with only
10 customers you will need $450.00 per month in volume.
Anything less would be your indicator  you have a HOBBY!

I Wish You Success!
Shane Morand, GMD


OG Global Master Distributor Shane Morand

on the Vision and Mission of the company, and why Organo is the NO. 1 Momentum Income Opportunity for everyone!
vision mission 3-components
The Vision of Organo <<<=== Link Here The Mission of Organo <<<=== Link Here OG’s 3 Components of Success <<<=== Link Here


Organo Gourmet Coffee has a proven system and process that masters and leaders in the MLM and network marketing industry have tried, tested, and refined. The result is a thoroughly formulated series of steps that have catapulted many of our OG distributors to success and Diamond status! What is even more brilliant is that it’s all just as easy as 4 STEPS!Below are a series of videos of OG Global Master Distributor Shane Morand explaining the 4 STEPS one by one. He also goes through the 4 QUESTIONS, which are instrumentally part of the system that our OG leaders have formulated.

4steps-introGetting Started – An Introduction to the 4 STEPS

Learn how to get started in the Organo Gourmet Coffee business with the 4 STEPS! Learn, live and teach these 4 steps simultaneously. Watch this introductory video to succeed with Organo.
YOU CAN ALSO GO HERE TO GET STARTED (Remember to select “YOUR” country at the top of the site)



Organo Gourmet Coffee – 4 Questions

Shane Morand teaches us the 4 Questions Organo has designed to help distributors attract potential prospects into their Gourmet Coffee business. Learn what makes OG different from other MLM and income opportunity companies!



Getting Started with OG – The 4 STEPS

The OG System is all simple and easy with just 4 steps to follow!
4steps-1 4steps-2 4steps-3 4steps-4
Getting Started – STEP 1  <<<=== Link Here Getting Started – STEP 2 <<<=== Link Here Getting Started – STEP 3 <<<=== Link Here Getting Started – STEP 4 <<<=== Link Here


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There are 3 types of people that may be interested in Organo. Identifying which type a potential prospect is can be critical to your OG gourmet coffee business and MLM network.



What To Do With the OG Gold Pack <<<=== Link Here

Organo Global Master Distributor Shane Morand talks on how to effectively manage the Gold Pack. This is one of the most asked questions of new OG distributors. Listen and take notes on what you can do with the Gold Pack and build your Gourmet Coffee business as you get started in the MLM and network marketing industry.



The #1 Tip in Building Your Organo Business <<<=== Link Here

If you could start over what would you do differently? Learn the #1 tip on starting your Organo Gourmet Coffee business as experienced by our OG Diamonds and Coffee Millionaires. Believe bigger and believe faster in the company, system, the 4 STEPS, the leadership, product line and compensation plan.